NAUTAI MARINE SEVICES AND TRADING CO do the recruitment of well-trained / qualified seafarer for right type of ships who can give the best of services to ship. We take care of seafarer from joining to repatriation back to their home town. Before sending to join ship all seafarer will go for medical test as per owner / flag / ILO requirement. All sea farer will go for drug / alcohol test by our government approved Medical Clinic. We have zero tolerance during test as well as on board regarding drug / alcohol test. Under govt. accredited medical clinic. Our teams will provide assistance to the ship owner and seafarer for their full contract.

We communicate and follow up all crew related matter which comes under P&I for both on-board and signed off crew. We offer crew management for all ranks for all types of vessels. Our vessels includes Bulk carrier, Tanker (Chemical, product and crude), General cargo, Car Carrier, Ro-Ro vessels, Supply vessels etc.

As well as choice of crew nationality, we offer Full Indian / mixed nationalities as per Owner / Operator requirement. We offer three level of crew management to our client.

  • Crew / Technical Management – We take full management of vessel, including crew, technical, repair , insurance etc.

  • Crew Management – We take care of only crew recruitment and supply to the Owner/Operator or another ship manager.

  • Crew Supply – Our responsibility is limited to the recruitment and supply of seafarers.

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