License No : RPSL-­MUM­-1006

Approved by Directorate General of Shipping(Govt of India)

Nautai Marine doesn’t have any branches or Information Centres in India. All Employment will be done directly in Mumbai Head Office.

About Us


Nautai Marine Services are having a highly Qualify and well experienced management team from the Marine Industry. All Our offices in India and abroad are engaged by highly experienced officials with international and local expertise who are adept and fully trained to handle the highly challenging shipping and freight environment. Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers, we take the priorities of our customers as our very own by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships – synergistically working in partnership with our customers.

Our Core Values - CARE

  • Care of customers.

  • Accountability to Stakeholders.

  • Reliability of services.

  • Excellence in everything we do.

Customised projects:

We understand each customers needs are unique and specific. So, we provide bespoke solutions to our clients. As per specific needs of customers in offshore and marine industry, we can execute feasibility studies, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning phase of new build, conversion and retrofit projects.

Why Nautai Marine

We maintain strong, lasting and successful relationships with all ships owners and crew by always providing enhanced value, quality service and growth.


We work hard be a role model in our industry by providing a highly professional, dedicated and transparent ship management services to our customers/clients.


We provide quality service that too withing the given timeline and try to complete the work ahead of the timeline given to client.


We also take care of all the safety measures while working to avoid any accidents or mischief.


We Give efficient and profitable services to all our client.

Our Services

Crew Management

We take care of seafarer from joining to repatriation back to their home town.

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All technical matters are in line with the company policy, handled proactively..

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Ship Chandelling

We carefully prepare and deliver comprehensive ship. Supplies in optimum...

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Brokering & Chartering

Nautai Marine Services manages the complete shipping operation from acquisition..

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Nautai Marine services has a complete business solutions to import / export and investigating...

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Ship Chandelling

We carefully prepare and deliver comprehensive ship. Supplies in optimum...

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Nautai Marine Services is a professional shipping company operating in Mumbai..

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Nautai Marine Services through its vast experience and contracts, it is dedicated..

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