Nautai Marine Services are having a highly Qualify and well experienced management team from the Marine Industry. All Our offices in India and abroad are engaged by highly experienced officials with international and local expertise who are adept and fully trained to handle the highly challenging shipping and freight environment. Driven to exceed the expectations of our customers, we take the priorities of our customers as our very own by providing safe and cost effective management of the ships – synergistically working in partnership with our customers. At Nautai Marine Services, we strive for Operational Excellence. We take challenges as opportunities. We enjoy working hard and making things happen. We take challenges as opportunities. We enjoy working hard and making things happen. Our service is of course 24X7. When you have required our services, we feel too proud to assist you.

Nautai Mission:

  1. To be a role model in our industry by providing a highly professional, dedicated and transparent ship management services to our customers/clients.

  2. To prevent human injury, loss of life and to avoid damage to the environment by pursuing a policy of zero accidents and zero spills.

  3. To encourage and foster an innovative spirit with the aim of continuously seeking improvements to the quality and services offered by us to our customers.

  4. To build a long lasting relationship with our customers and employees and to continuously aim to excel industry’s highest standards.

  5. To conserve energy through operation/equipment modification.

  6. Give efficient and profitable services to all our client.

  7. To maintain all our ships under Nautai to the highest standard.

Nautai Vision:

To maintain strong, lasting and successful relationships with all ships owners and crew by always providing enhanced value, quality service and growth.

Company Policy:

  1. Safety Health Quality and environment

  2. Drug and alcohol policy

  3. Purchasing Policy

  4. Human resources Policy

  5. Security policy

Maintain policy

  1. Social media policy

  2. Regulatory compliance policy

  3. Quality policy

  4. Environment policy.

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